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Melbourne company launches advanced ultracapacitor series, paving the way for high energy graphene-based technology release.

Leading the charge towards maximizing the energy density of ultracapacitors, is EnyGy International Pty Ltd (enyGy®), a Melbourne based company wielding groundbreaking proprietary graphene-based nanotechnology. The local enyGy team is thrilled to be launching its initial product line to market, the enyCell, a series of state-of-the-art carbon-based EDLCs (electric double-layer capacitors). The highly anticipated launch of the enyCell ultracapacitor series marks the first opportunity for customers to invest in the future, as enyGy primes to unveil its world leading graphene-based nanotechnology, the enyGcell technology, delivering up to double the energy density.


The enyCell is a product that combines activated carbon electrodes with advanced electrolytes, delivering three volts of power (3V for radial type and 6V for module type). Ultracapacitors (also known as supercapacitors) are fast energy storage systems that store energy electrostatically. The speed at which you can charge and discharge them is known as power density, whereas energy density refers to the amount of energy storable within a specific volume.


The enyCell boasts high power density, long life, and low ESR (equivalent series resistance; representing losses as charge moves through the capacitor). Together with increased energy density, efficiency, and compatibility, this product is ideal for applications requiring sudden bursts of energy, such as: smart meters, telematics, valve control, data storage management, and automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).


EnyGy Chief Technology Officer Dr Yufei Wang said that the three-volt platform of the enyCell provides meaningful enhancements, aiding end users and emerging technologies.


“The three-volt platform of the ultracapacitor is a critical step in advancing electrostatic energy storage technologies. It not only enhances energy density and power density but also significantly improves compatibility with emerging energy storage applications.”


EnyGy worked with UL Solutions to obtain third-party, science-backed certification for the enyCell product line. Offering a range of 11 different cell sizes to cater to diverse energy storage needs, the enyCell can be purchased right now from leading worldwide distributors:, and, with more distributors to be announced moving forward.


EnyGy is positioned in an important role for shaping the energy storage solutions of the future. As a spin-off from Monash University, enyGy holds key patents that are pivotal to process developments and further enhanced products poised to transform the energy storage sector.


“Developing transformative technology for the energy sector is crucial for a sustainable future. The launch of the enyCell underscores enyGy’s commitment to producing and distributing cutting-edge products globally, said enyGy CEO Wiehann de Klerk.


“Launching enyCell is a pivotal moment for EnyGy International. It sets the stage for our future advancements with the enyGcell proprietary state-of-the-art graphene technology. Our vision is clear - enyGcell is not merely an upgrade; it symbolizes the future of energy storage, built on the robust foundation of enyCell.”


“There has been ten plus years of research and development behind the commercialization of the graphene nanotechnology set to culminate in the enyGcell technology release. This will be a significant breakthrough in the ultracapacitor market.” Said Professor Dan Li, enyGy affiliate.


With technology that is set to revolutionize the global energy storage market, the world-class minds behind enyGy have set the stage for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.




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Media contact and interview requests: Felicity O’Meara,, +61 3 7503 7870


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