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Our Technology

Discover the cutting-edge innovation behind enyGy, meticulously crafted through the visionary research of the esteemed Professor Dan Li, a true luminary in the realm of graphene materials exploration. Prof. Li's groundbreaking research has propelled forward the frontiers of scalable graphene material processing, igniting a revolution in the realm of energy storage.

With a dedicated emphasis on enhancing energy density for ultracapacitor applications, his pioneering work has led to two global patents, all made possible through the unwavering support of Monash University. At enyGy, we stand proudly upon this remarkable foundation of expertise, driving advancements that shape the future of energy technology.


What’s Unique About enyGy?

Ultracapacitor manufacturers using enyGy graphene films in the manufacture of their ultracapacitors, or buyers of enyGy graphene-based ultracapacitors can experience the following benefits:

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Increased Energy Density

EnyGy Graphene has unique nanostructure elements tailored for seamless inclusion in common manufacturing processes. EnyGy ultracapacitors experience up to 2x the energy density in comparison to existing market alternatives.

Increased Power Density

Graphene used in enyGy products boasts electrical conductivity up to 7x better than that of activated carbons. Combine this with our nanomaterial IP, and the result is higher capacitance ultracapacitors without compromise to power density. 


Lower Production Cost

As a result of significant improvement to energy density or power density, using enygy graphene-based electrode films enables the manufacturing of smaller and lighter ultracapacitors, which reduces the overall manufacturing cost.

Low Internal Resistance

The low internal resistance of our ultracapacitors results in significantly improved power density, providing higher instantaneous power. This also dramatically increases the energy storage and conversion efficiency with less energy lost as heat.  

Long Lifespan and Reliability

Enygy graphene has high chemical purity in comparison to activated carbons, plus further treatment procedures applied to the materials used in Enygy ultracapacitors result in long lifespans and reliability.


Why Graphene?

At enyGy, we're rewriting the rules of energy storage with our cutting-edge ultracapacitors, and at the core of our game-changing technology lies a partnership with Monash University that has unlocked the potential of nanotechnology graphene research. Unlike the commonplace activated carbons utilized in today's ultracapacitors, enyGy's proprietary graphene, born from relentless research, stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to redefine the future of energy storage.


Imagine a world where energy storage isn't limited by conventional materials. Graphene, a remarkable nano-material, offers boundless possibilities. Traditional ultracapacitors rely on activated carbon to create an electrode film which stores the energy and gives an ultracapacitor a higher energy density than that of traditional capacitors. With enyGy's visionary fusion of pioneering nanomaterial advancements and graphene's exceptional electrical conductivity and expansive surface area, we've achieved an extraordinary milestone: up to doubling the energy density of carbon-based alternatives. And the best part? enyGy accomplishes this feat using cost-effective graphene sources which is readily available in commercial use quantities.


Our journey at enyGy commences with harnessing the very essence of graphene's surface chemistry and structure, ingeniously manipulating individual graphene sheets. This meticulous orchestration is followed by a dance of interlayer interactions during the self-assembly process – a symphony of precision. This meticulous engineering extends to the nanostructure of graphene-based electrode films, resulting in a remarkable balance between porosity and compactness. The outcome? An unparalleled energy storage capability, seamlessly integrated with remarkable conductivity.

Anticipate the arrival of a groundbreaking era in energy storage as enyGy's graphene-based ultracapacitors prepare for their debut in late 2024. As we work tirelessly to unveil the future of energy storage, today's consumers can embrace enyGy's activated carbon-based ultracapacitors (enyCell) – not just as a product, but as a portal into the limitless possibilities that enyGy envisions for the world. Join us on this journey to redefine what's possible. Your tomorrow, powered by enyGy.

Product Range

Product Range

What do we offer?

Graphene-Based Films

Graphene-based electrode films produced with enyGy's patented processing methods can add value to many carbon-based products.


Ultracapacitor manufacturers that buy our films or license our technology for inclusion in their production lines can further improve the energy and power of their ultracapacitors.

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Ultracapacitors in general have several advances over batteries: practically instant charging and discharging, efficient operation in extreme temperatures, extremely high power, high reliability, and safety. These are significant improvements in comparison to batteries due to storage of energy in an electric field, rather than in a chemical reaction. 

EnyGy's ultracapacitors present a significant advancement, notably enhancing energy density and power density, while simultaneously elevating reliability and minimizing internal resistance. Anticipated for a late 2024 launch, our revolutionary graphene-based ultracapacitors, known as enyGcell, are poised to potentially amplify energy density by up to twofold when compared to conventional activated carbon alternatives.

Graphene Materials

Alongside ultracapacitor products, enyGy also develops other types of novel graphene products offering unique properties for broader energy markets.


A great range of partnerships has been established with universities, industry partners and customers within Australia and other Asia Pacific areas. If you are interested in the development of specialized graphene formulations for your own purposes, please contact us for more information.

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