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Our Technology

The technological foundation of enyGy is a result of the research of Professor Dan Li, who is recognized as a world leader in graphene materials research. Prof. Li’s research significantly advanced developments related to scalable processing of graphene materials, with a specific focus on graphene-based electrodes with improved energy density for ultracapacitor applications. Out of this work, and with the support of Monash University, two international patents were secured.


What’s Unique About enyGy?

Ultracapacitor manufacturers using enyGy graphene films or buyers of enyGy ultracapacitors can experience the following benefits:

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Increased Energy Density

EneGy Graphene has unique nanostructure elements tailored for seamless inclusion in common manufacturing processes. EnyGy ultracapacitors experience up to 2x the energy density in comparison to existing market alternatives.

Increased Power Density

Graphene used in enyGy products boasts electrical conductivity up to 7x better than that of activated carbons. Combine this with our nanomaterial IP, and the result is higher capacitance ultracapacitors without compromise to power density. 


Lower Production Cost

As a result of significant improvement to energy density or power density, using enygy graphene-based electrode films enables the manufacturing of smaller and lighter ultracapacitors, which reduces the overall manufacturing cost.

Low Internal Resistance

The low internal resistance of our ultracapacitors results in significantly improved power density, providing higher instantaneous power. This also dramatically increases the energy storage and conversion efficiency with less energy lost as heat.  

Long Lifespan and Reliability

Enygy graphene has high chemical purity in comparison to activated carbons, plus further treatment procedures applied to the materials used in Enygy ultracapacitors result in long lifespans and reliability.


Why Graphene for Future Energy Storage?

At the heart of our ultracapacitors' performance advantage is nanotechnology graphene research exclusively licensed for commercial use from Monash University. EnyGy graphene differs significantly from regular activated carbons, which are used by other ultracapacitor manufacturers. EnyGy are able to produce high-power ultracapacitor energy storage solutions based on breakthrough graphene materials.


Graphene is a fascinating nano-material that can be used for different applications. At enyGy, our innovation starts from the manipulation of the surface chemistry and morphology of individual graphene sheets, followed by precise control of the interlayer interactions among graphene sheets during the self-assembly process. Further fine control of the nanostructure of the graphene-based electrode films result in a highly porous yet compact structure that maximises energy storage capability while remaining highly conductive.

Product Range

Product Range

What do we offer?

Graphene-Based Films

Graphene-based electrode films produced with enyGy's patented processing methods can add value to many carbon-based products.


Ultracapacitor manufacturers that buy our films or license our technology for inclusion in their production lines can further improve the energy and power of their ultracapacitors.



Ultracapacitors in general have several advances over batteries: practically instant charging and discharging, efficient operation in extreme temperatures, extremely high power, high reliability, and safety. 

These are significant improvements in comparison to batteries due to storage of energy in an electric field, rather than in a chemical reaction. 

EnyGy ultracapacitors futher improve on these features by increasing energy density and power density, improving reliability and decreasing internal resistance. The latest of our ultracapacitor range can double the energy density of certain top of the range market alternatives. 

Graphene Materials

Alongside ultracapacitor products, enyGy also develops other types of novel graphene products offering unique properties for a broader energy markets.


A great range of partnerships has been established with universities, industry partners and customers within Australia and other Asia Pacific areas. If you are interested in the development of specialized graphene formulations for your own purposes, please contact us for more information.


The Future of Energy Storage

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