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Ultracapacitor energy storage solutions based on breakthrough graphene materials

Ultracapacitors, or supercapacitors as they are also known, are an energy storage technology that offers high power density, almost instant charging and discharging,  high reliability, and very long lifetimes.

Ultracapacitors provide the following benefits:

Long lifetimes

Typical ultracapacitor lifetime is about 10-20 years and 500k to 1m charge/discharge cycles

Wide Temperature Range

Wider range of operating temperatures from -40 °C to 65 °C

Fast Charge/Discharge

100x faster charging and discharging than batteries

Maintenance Free Operation

Once installed, they require no additional maintenance and have simple monitoring

Improved Power Density

Up to 60 times the power density achieved by batteries

Environmentally Friendly

Ultracapacitors do not contain hazardous or hard-to-recycle materials

Improved Efficiency

Up to 30% more efficient than batteries in full load conditions 

Safety in Operation

Compared to lithium and lead based battery chemistries, ultracapacitors eliminate the risk of self ignitionor explosion

EnyGy® develops, manufactures and markets graphene-based electrode films, graphene-based ultracapacitors and graphene materials to improve upon existing ultracapacitors in the market.

About Us


EnyGy is a technology commercialization company with R&D, pilot scale manufacturing and headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The core technological foundation of enyGy comes from the work of Professor Dan Li, Dr Yufei Wang and Monash University. Since the establishment of enyGy back in 2021, Innovyz in collaboration with Monash University have embarked on a new path to market. Research and Development in Melbourne has resulted in energy density improvements of up to 100% in comparison to market alternatives.

EnyGy is devoted to the development of disruptive graphene-based technologies for the next generation of energy storage solutions. EnyGy is currently trialing its electrode films with ultracapacitor manufacturers across the globe. 

Our Board


Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Robert Spincer
Non-Executive Director

As an experienced commercialisation and innovation executive, Ben has extensive experience supporting and developing businesses and applied research. Ben is currently the Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Li-S Energy (ASX: LIS), an innovative company in advanced Lithium-Sulphur battery technology. Prior to this role, Ben was the Executive Director of Deakin Research Innovations for six years, responsible for Deakin’s commercial research partnerships as well as the commercialization and translation of the University’s research.


Stuart Douglas
Executive Director

Stuart Douglas has led many companies from early-stage innovation through to be multinational organisations, three of which are now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Stuart is Founder and Executive Director of Innovyz, a commercialisation group focused on commercialisation of advanced manufacturing and advanced materials technologies. As past Executive Director for Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA), Stuart provided strategic and operational advice, and assisted with Company capital raisings.

Jon Colquhoun-6-2[96]_edited_edited.jpg

Jon Colquhoun
Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

As head of HLB Mann Judd Adelaide’s Corporate Advisory division and an experienced Auditor, Company Director and Company Secretary, Jon Colquhoun has proficiency in providing Corporate Secretarial and CFO services to both listed and unlisted public companies assisting with capital raisings, IPO’s acquisitions and divestments. Renowned for working closely with his clients, Jon generates valuable insights into the key drivers of profitability, providing timely and up to date information and forecasts. Jon is Director of a number of unlisted companies.

Board and Staff

Our Staff

Gary Carroll_edited_edited.jpg

Gary Carroll
Chief Executive Officer

An expert in the advancement of innovative technologies on the global stage through extensive senior executive leadership in the international automotive industry.

Previously the Manager of Advanced Vehicle Development and Innovation at General Motors, and Director of the Vehicle Architecture Centre at VINFAST LLC, Gary Carroll brings a wealth of technical and practical knowledge to enyGy.

Yufei Wang_edited.jpg

Dr. Yufei Wang
Chief Technology Officer

EnyGy wouldn't be where it is today without Dr. Yufei Wang and Professor Dan Li who have been instrumental in setting the technology and innovation foundation. Since 2015, Yufei has been developing and commercializing graphene ultracapacitor technology which is now a predominant part of the enyGy IP portfolio. Yufei Wang has been leading the technological and scientific vision of enyGy as its Chief Technology Officer, and, through his leadership, enyGy is now capable of further enhancing best-in-market ultracapacitors.


Wiehann de Klerk
General Manager

Wiehann has spent his career harnessing the power of innovation to find hidden opportunities, achieve great outcomes and grow companies. He is passionate about the commercialisation and adoption of ideas and inventions, and subsequently has taken on various strategic and business development roles for several early-stage companies. Wiehann has an infectious enthusiasm for technology, sales and business development. He is also a public speaking coach teaching individuals and businesses about the arts of public speaking, pitching and persuasion.

F OMeara_edited.jpg

Felicity O’Meara
Office Manager

Having previously worked closely with the CEO and Board of Directors within the highly regulated Registered Clubs industry, as well as Operations Management in the automotive manufacturing sector, Felicity O’Meara has extensive skills in governance, compliance, and internal systems auditing.

As an expert in business systems efficacy, Felicity bridges the Human Resources, Marketing and Corporate Governance domains.


Jason Wei
Production Engineer

An experienced engineer in graphene-based development industry.

Jason has many years' experiences in the operation
and maintenance of large-scale production equipment and is also proficient in using various research and development equipment in the laboratory.




Monash University Australia

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant


The Future of Energy Storage

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