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Graphene Materials

Your Source for Cutting-Edge Graphene Materials!


Unlock the unparalleled potential of graphene with enyGy! As pioneers in graphene material production, we take pride in delivering an array of cutting-edge solutions tailored to your precise requirements. Our star product, the Graphene Oxide Solution, stands as a local favourite, acclaimed for its versatility and superior quality. But that's not all – at enyGy, we offer an extensive selection, ranging from graphene oxide powder to solutions, ensuring you'll find exactly what you need.

Our graphene materials transcend boundaries, finding applications across industries. Whether you're delving into innovative Coating and Painting projects, seeking a game-changer Alloy Additive, or revolutionizing energy storage, enyGy has you covered. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide materials that empower your ideas, enhance your products, and drive the technological landscape forward.


Discover the future of materials with enyGy. Experience top-tier quality, unmatched expertise, and personalized solutions that align with your vision. Join us in shaping tomorrow, one graphene innovation at a time.

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Graphene Oxide Solution


Graphene Oxide Powder

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Graphene Solution

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Energy Storage

Active materials for supercapacitors, conductive additive for Li-ion batteries

Polymer Composite

Help improve mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of polymer composites

Alloy Additive

Help improve the electrical and thermal properties of alloy

Coating and Painting

An eco-friendly anticorrosion additive for metal coating

Water Desalination

Graphene membranes demonstrated high water flux whilst maintain excellent salt rejection

Thermal Radiation Film


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Initial Customer Approach

Expression of Interest


Feedback and Modification

Sample for Customer Trial

Customisation Process


Technical Meeting

We know material innovation can be a long and customized process. Therefore, at enyGy, we encourage a collaborative approach to maximize the value for you.

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