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EnyGy® Ultracapacitor Technology Achieves up to Double Energy Density

Melbourne based Australian company, enyGy®, has developed graphene technology that enables ultracapacitors to achieve up to double the amount of energy density in the same size package, or alternatively be reduced in size, thus using less materials, whilst maintaining the same amount of energy. This technological advancement paves the way for prospective benefits such as: enormous cost savings for public transport systems; enhanced use of personal technology devices; and, reduced environmental impact. This achievement is also cost effective as the processes developed by enyGy use common machines, meaning cost effective integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Commercializing an IP portfolio of 7+ years of graphene research and development, enyGy proprietary graphene technology is facilitating the production of next generation ultracapacitors. EnyGy is expected to surge into the global ultracapacitor energy storage market as it effectively leaps beyond the benchmarks of modern capacitor technologies in the market today.

Increasing the performance of ultracapacitors is pivotal in the growing energy market which continues to seek out new innovative and environmentally conscious electrical applications. For this reason, graphene has long been sought after as a replacement for activated carbon. With future bearing on many of our daily use applications, such as trains, laptops, audio receivers, and power tools, the integration of enyGy graphene technology will lead the way to meaningful social and economic benefits.

EnyGy has been able to achieve up to double the energy density by preserving graphene’s outstanding properties of high electrical and thermal conductivity, and high surface area by finely controlling its structure and chemistry at nanometer scale. The successful implementation of graphene in the electrode film within ultracapacitors presents an extreme challenge, which enyGy has been successful in achieving.

Key inventor of the enyGy IP portfolio Professor Dan Li said that enyGy’s unique strategy achieves graphene-based compact energy storage.

“A unique nano-engineering strategy has been developed to manipulate the individual graphene sheets and to control the inter-sheet spacing and interactions down in sub-nanometer scale. This achieves compact energy storage capability by graphene-based electrode films” he said.

Key factors for how enyGy is able to achieve this cost effectively are;

  • EnyGy uses graphene sources that are readily available in commercial quantities.

  • A series of chemical manufacturing processes enable scalable manufacturing of enyGy graphene. These processes do not require special machinery.

  • Common machines and standard electrode film coating processes are utilized, meaning cost effective integration into existing manufacturing processes.

EnyGy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gary Carroll said that “Independent testing has confirmed the performance of the enyGy product”.

The development of this enyGy® product over the past 7+ years has resulted in a technology that is ready to move from the laboratory and has the potential to transform the ultracapacitor energy storage industry and its role in our clean energy future.


Media contact: Felicity O’Meara,


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