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Moving enyGy® for Ultra Future: New Premises Brings Exciting Developments

Devoted to the development of graphene-based electrode films and ultracapacitors, this innovative company, enyGy is expanding to facilitate development of next generation ultracapacitors.

Using enyGy proprietary graphene technology, ultracapacitors can be reduced in size whilst maintaining the same energy stored (known as capacitance) or be the same size whilst boasting up to two times the capacitance.

EnyGy was established in 2021 by the technology inventors, Monash University, and Innovyz, to commercialize an IP portfolio consisting of 7+ years of graphene research and development. EnyGy is now firmly established in its new HQ in the heart of Monash University industrial precinct, Notting Hill, Victoria, Australia.

EnyGy are excited about the future as it moves into the new premises. The new space offers 400m2 of lab and pilot scale manufacturing space, and 100m2 of office and collaborative facilities. There is enough space for the company to not only embark on commercialization activities but also expand production of electrode films for customer trials.

Wiehann de Klerk, Interim General Manager of enyGy®, said, “We have an incredible team of bright minds eager to further our innovative offerings and bring it to market, and this location and expansion is exactly what we need to continue this advancement.”

The R&D and manufacturing capability of enyGy has scaled to another level with Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Yufei Wang leading the advancement of electrode films for ultracapacitors. The global energy market continues to ask for more energy in less volume and mass as innovation leads miniaturization of devices.

Dr. Yufei Wang, Chief Technical Officer of enyGy®, said, “In this new premises, enyGy is now capable of efficiently commercializing our world-leading graphene technologies via pilot scale production of graphene-based electrode films for ultracapacitors."
“We are very excited to see our products benefit the ‘ultra-future’ of the global energy market.”

The team at enyGy are excited about the prospects of its innovations and are looking forward to the commercialization pathway moving forward.


Media contact: Felicity O’Meara,


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