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EnyGy graphene technology delivers world leading disruptive energy density in ultracapacitors.

High volumetric power density | A high measure of power output per unit volume.

Having up to 60% higher power density than what traditional batteries can offer, allows leading ultracapacitors (also known as supercapacitors) to release and accept a large amount of energy in a short amount of time, resulting in fast charging.

This makes ultracapacitors ideal for applications such as solar and transportation, where short-term high power energy storage is required. E.g., solar panels can catch the energy quickly then send it to the grid as the daily peak occurs, and in transportation the regenerative braking energy captured is then used on the next drive away.

High volumetric energy density | A high amount of energy that may be stored within a given volume.

EnyGy’s graphene technology further enhances the performance of ultracapacitors, significantly increasing their volumetric energy density and can be incorporated into the ultracapacitors with the use of standard machines and electrode film coating processes. Meaning that ultracapacitor manufacturers can cost effectively integrate enyGy’s patented graphene technology into their existing manufacturing processes and experience enhanced energy storage performance.


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