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Australian start-up EnyGy International ranks among top 10 innovators in supercapacitor technology.

Local start-up, EnyGy International (enyGy®) has been named in the top 10 new supercapacitor companies by the highly reputable innovation intelligence platform, StartUs Insights. Using big- data and AI, key industry trends and companies to watch are profiled, with a ranking derived via unique metrics to indicate each company’s standing and influence within the broader market landscape. Emphasizing enyGy’s graphene-based supercapacitor technology, enyGy’s strength is ranked as Very Strong.


EnyGy is the only Australian company to feature in the worldwide top 10, alongside emerging companies from Italy, USA, Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Spain, noted within the StartUs Insights article as “new supercapacitor companies that redefine energy storage.” 


Boasting up to 60 times the power density of batteries, supercapacitors (also known as ultracapacitors) can discharge a small amount of energy 60 times faster than batteries. This very quick discharge characteristic makes them ideal for applications requiring a sudden burst of power. EnyGy’s proprietary graphene-based nanotechnology (enyGcell technology) is drawing worldwide attention for its capability to significantly increase the energy density of supercapacitors (referring to the amount of energy storable within a specific volume).


“By leveraging our proprietary graphene-based nanotechnology, we are not just enhancing our products; we are setting a new standard in the energy storage industry, said enyGy CEO Mr. Wiehann de Klerk.


“The forthcoming enyGcell, with its advanced graphene-based technology, will revolutionize energy storage, offering unparalleled energy density and efficiency.”


The enyGy team is profoundly focused on the technological advancement and commercialization related to four of the current industry trends highlighted by StartUs Insights;: high-voltage supercapacitors, graphene-based materials, nanotechnology, and hybrid supercapacitors.


With its strategy to drive innovation, StartUs Insights commands attention as a prestigious platform representing names such as Samsung, and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. EnyGy is incredibly proud to feature on this leading platform in the top 10 out of over 150 emerging supercapacitor companies. This platform provides trend reports across a gamut of valuable industries including energy, clean tech, electronics manufacturing, and renewable energy.  


In the coming weeks, enyGy is set to launch its initial product line, the enyCell series. The enyCell is an innovative product that combines activated carbon electrodes with advanced electrolytes, delivering a remarkable three volts of power. This upcoming launch is a precursor to enyGy’s world -leading graphene-based nanotechnology, the enyGcell technology, which delivers up to double the energy density.


The full StartUs Insights article, "10 New Supercapacitor Companies: Advancing the Future of Energy," can be found here: 10 New Supercapacitor Companies | StartUs Insights.




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