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Higher Performance Ultracapacitors

EnyGy develops, manufactures and markets graphene-based electrode films, graphene based ultracapacitors and graphene materials to improve upon existing ultracapacitors in the market.

Smaller, Lighter, Faster, and Longer-Life Ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor manufacturers using enyGy films, or buyers of enyGy ultracapacitors can experience:

EnyGy® Technology for Future Energy


Charge and discharge in seconds


Increase in energy and power


Long life span



Store energy within reduced size and weight


Next generation energy storage solutions


Recyclable and environmentally friendly

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Reduced Size

Significantly reduced size and weight as a result of energy density improvements meaning lower manufacturing costs.

Increased Energy and Power

Increased energy density and power density of supercapacitors opening up more applications for ultracapacitors.


Long Lifespan

EnyGy graphene has high chemical purity, which gives it a significant reliability advantage over activated carbons.

Low Internal Resistance

Significantly higher efficiency and up to five times less energy being lost as heat.

About Us


EnyGy is a technology commercialization company with R&D, pilot scale manufacturing and headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The core technological foundation of enyGy comes from the work of Professor Dan Li, Dr Yufei Wang and Monash University. Since the establishment of enyGy back in 2021, Innovyz in collaboration with Monash University have embarked on a new path to market. Research and Development in Melbourne has resulted in energy density improvements of up to 100% in comparison to market alternatives.

EnyGy is devoted to the development of disruptive graphene-based technologies for the next generation of energy storage solutions.
EnyGy is currently trialing its electrode films with ultracapacitor manufacturers across the globe. 




Monash University Australia

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant


The Future of Energy Storage

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